Janitorial Insurance

Having the right janitorial insurance coverage for your janitorial services business is a must. Not only to protect your janitorial business, but also to protect you as a small business owner in general. Even as a professional at what you do, there are times when something goes wrong and those situations may never actually be your own fault or doing; they may not even be able to be foreseen or even prevented by yourself. The right janitorial insurance coverage will help to protect you and your business through these times and can even help to keep your janitorial business afloat even in the most severe of cases.
Situations where janitorial businesses need insurance;
  • Someone slips and falls or gets hurt in your work area and they sue you
  • An employee gets hurt on the job and files a claim against you
  • Damage is accidentally done to a clients property and they sue you
  • A piece of your equipment gets damaged and prevents you from working
  • Your van, truck, or car gets in an accident; or is hit by another vehicle while parked (most personal auto policies don’t cover your car for business use)
  • One of your employee’s steals something from one of your clients
  • Your office, workshop, equipment, or even computer are damaged by a flood, wind storm or other natural disaster (for those who work out of their home, please remember that most home owners policies don’t cover your business items)

The right cleaning insurance coverage will help to protect you and your business against all of the above situations and more, both the expected and the unexpected.

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